Our high-quality and professionally created assembly videos make it easy to assemble your furniture step by step. Please click on the product name listed below the relevant furniture category to check the product page with assembly video. These videos are also available on our YouTube channel. We will update this page as soon as we produce a new assembly video.

TV Stands

Lusi 71"
Asal 59"
Asal 47"

Mistico 71"

Mistico 55"


Pia 71"

Valantina 55"


Nexera 59"

Viano 66"

Kerby 47"

Cubicco 47"
Pi 63"

Char 63"

Poling 63"

Paldi 53"

Pivot 47"




Alice 67"

Esteban 61"

Piante 68"

Echo 47"

Paula 68"

Computer Desks

Alfa 47"

Tumata 47"

Anemon 47"

Tuna 47"

Victory 47"

 Coffee Tables

Evans 47"

Mistico 47"

 Hall Trees

Devin 71"

Doga 69"

Who We Are?

Decorotika is a modular furniture manufacturer focused on creating its own designs.

It was born with the idea of offering a wide range of home decoration products that fit the budget of many people. In this concept, where sustainability is always taken into consideration, functionality, quality, design and value are brought together.

Our main goal is to meet the expectations in the best way with modern, compatible, unique yet affordable products that we produce with quality materials, workmanship and environmentally friendly production standards.

What We Do?

Headquartered in Turkey, our company produces more than 1000 different furniture models which include TV stands, cabinets, tables, coffee tables, bookcases, computer desks, nightstands etc. We also provide assembly videos to make the product assembly easy for our customers.

Our products are mainly made of 18 mm thick standard quality melamine coated particle board, medium density fibreboard (MDF), metal (iron, steel), natural solid wood, plastic and tempered glass. The combinations of manufactured wood and metal or solid wood and glass are used in some models. We use metal and plastic furniture assembly/installation hardware.

Our Products

Where We Are?

Our Commitment to Environment

Decorotika is the first fully solar energy powered modular furniture manufacturer in Turkey.

We want to create more sustainable and clean energy resources to decrease our carbon footprint. We obtain 80% of total power from solar panels installed on our factory roof.