How to Choose a Bookcase?

How to Choose a Bookcase? - Decorotika

Choosing a bookcase is at least as important as the choice of seating units. So what do you need to consider when choosing libraries which are the most colorful and living details of living spaces? From the archive of Evim Magazine…

It is possible to gather the points that you should pay attention to while buying a bookcase under your house.



It is an important issue in which place you will use the bookcase. There will be differences between the bookcase you will use in your living room and the models you will use in the youth room.

The models in the room suite may be sufficient for the young room. If you are considering a bookcase in your bedroom, you can choose whatever you want as this area belongs to you.

You can choose modern shelving systems in the living room or consider your bookcase as a decorative element as well as its functionality. In a small working corner that you have created in one corner of your living room, you can choose a small size bookcase.


Measure the height and depth of your biggest books and adjust the shelf dimensions of your bookcase according to your books. You can separate the top shelf of your bookcase for your tall books.


Remember, the important thing is where you put your bookcase. If you have an empty corner area in the place you will put, you should first take the measurements of that area. In this way, you will also evaluate this area.

If you buy without taking these measures, your bookcase may not fit where you put it. If there is a door near the area you will put, you should definitely consider its opening status.

You can also turn to more voluminous, flashy and design models in large spaces, but you may need to choose simple designs with narrow lines in narrow spaces. The narrow shelf systems for narrow spaces are quite modern and also an ideal choice.

In large spaces, simple and elegant shelf systems can create unnecessary spaces in the space, so you can use a detailed model that includes designs such as shelves, computers or work desks, CDs in these spaces.

If you buy a large bookcase covering the single wall of the room, make sure that the body is the same color as your wall, so that the space does not look as small as it is.


If you want your bookcase to be natural material, consider that dark colored trees such as cedar, walnut, iroko, teak, mahogany are more durable than light colored trees such as pine, birch and maple. MDF bookcases are also more durable than plywood ones.

When buying, consider that the bookcase is not a small accessory. You can use a quality model for years. For this reason, A1 quality in metal and studs used in the bookcase system; It is important that first class furniture chipboards are used in shelf systems. It is also among the indicators of quality in oak or walnut veneered bookcases.


Who would want a messy bookcase with no style? Here are a few suggestions that will make your bookcase look nice.

Doldur Start filling the shelves from the bottom up. Place your longest and heaviest books on the bottom shelf. On the next shelf, you can put storage boxes with lids in which you can put your things like paper, TV remote, DVD.

Raf The medium shelf serial books are ideal for placing travel guides or book collections of your favorite authors. You can use heavy objects like vases to keep your books upright.

 You can place several accessories such as vases, sculptures and candle holders symmetrically on the next shelf.

 On the upper shelf, you can put your thin kits that do not weigh much and balance the appearance.

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