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Sofas are included in our literature as articles designed to relieve our fatigue and relax. While the seats are comfortable and comfortable, making the time we spend at home efficient and happy, at the same time preventing the occurrence of health problems such as back and back pain, seat selection is very important in home decoration. Especially living rooms and sofas, which are seen as fixtures, are produced according to many styles and house types. Designs change and change every year. Along with the developing technology in recent years, there are furniture that provide ease of use. As a result of the innovations brought by the technology, it has become increasingly common to have socket areas in the seats, to be connected to the internet, to have a TV screen and to produce and use the chairs that provide massage services. Some models contain small tables that can be opened and closed. Seat models with neck support and foot extension stool are also of great interest. Considering the selection of seats economically, it has a wide range that serves every budget. The longevity and functionality of the preferred seats are among the matters to be considered. At the same time, while choosing a seat, the number of individuals in the home should also be taken into consideration and preferences should be made accordingly. In rudely families, triple seats can be preferred instead of single or double seats, taking into account the availability of the room. Living rooms and living rooms are the most common parts of our home. Therefore, decoration requirements and rules come to the fore in this field.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a seat is that it has a comfortable seating area. Then, features such as skeleton structure, strength, fabric selection and dimensions can be listed. When choosing a seat, you should definitely consider its functionality. Especially when choosing a seat in small areas, choosing more imposing furniture or choosing L-type seat models will help you make the area look more spacious. In some of the L-type seat models, the side armrests are shelved with a bookcase. This type of seat models can be seen as an alternative especially for areas with limited storage space. At the same time, L-type seat models or cornered sofa models create a stylish look without dividing the area where it is located. You can also increase the storage areas by choosing box-spring seat models. Today, bed models are also highly preferred. In particular, it is among the models frequently preferred by families with bed problems and space problems. It is a very useful solution for crowded families.


You can save time by choosing easy-to-clean and stain-free fabrics for seat cleaning. You should definitely consider whether the buttons or similar accessories on the seats will be uncomfortable while sitting.


The use of furniture with light upholstery fabrics in families with children or rudeness is quite difficult in terms of cleaning. For this reason, the upholstery fabrics of the preferred furniture also have an important place during the selection. In recent years, it is seen that the feather fabrics are heavily preferred. It is possible to wipe the thai feather fabrics with the help of a wet cloth. You can use detergent or soap in oily drinks and foods. These fabrics, which have a dense velvet texture, also attract attention with their stylish and aesthetic appearance. Fabrics with anti-bacterial properties also help you maintain hygiene at home. As it provides convenience in terms of cleaning, high furniture is generally preferred.


Moving, pushing and cleaning the lower parts of the imposing and near-ground skeleton can be extremely tiring. The selected seats must complement the style of the room. Combining different styles carries a risk in decoration. It is very likely to cause confusion in the room. It is seen that different styles are brought together by taking bolder steps outside the areas such as living room and living room. In recent years, it is seen that contrasting colors have become more prominent in home decorations. Contrasting colors; You can use it in sofa cushions, carpets, curtains or in the selection of accessories that can change the air of the room. At the same time, you can choose different upholstery fabrics for bergers to add a different atmosphere to your space and to be unique to its style. You should be careful not to use too many pillows on the seats. The high pillows add a stifling and complicated atmosphere to the room, while at the same time, it greatly narrows the sitting area.

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